Where can I pick up/buy a FOB key?

At the SoHo Community Pool from 9am – 5pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Is my unit considered a single-family home or is it a multi-family building?

If you live in building that contains three or more residences/dwelling units, you live in a multi-family building. If that is not the case, then you live in an attached or detached single-family home.

Is my home or unit within the Ho’opili Community Association?

Yes. All homes and units within Ho’opili are within the Ho’opili Community Association, sometimes called the “Master Association”. All Owners are members of the Master Association. If your home or unit is also within a sub-association, you are a member of two associations.

Is my home or unit within a sub-association?

If your community is subject to a condominium property regime, you are a member of a condominium association, sometimes called a “sub-association”. A sub-association is “under” the Master Association. Units in multi-family buildings are most often within a sub-association. Single-family homes are usually not within a sub-association, but may be. Please check the community documents associated with your home.

Who and what is the Ho’opili Neighborhood Watch?

The Ho’opili Neighborhood Watch is an independent group, organized by homeowners that communicate regularly on security and safety concerns in our neighborhood. If you would like to join the watch, please sign up HERE.

Who do I contact if I have concerns about speeding and illegal parking in our Neighborhood?

Public roads fall under the jurisdiction of the City & County of Honolulu. Please contact HPD. If you see an illegal parked vehicle in a condo sub-association, please contact the property manager in charge of that sub-association.

Who may I contact regarding abandoned vehicles?

Please use the following link to report abandoned vehicles to HPD: Abandoned Vehicle Complaints (honolulu.gov). For vehicles abandoned on private roads or parking lots, please contact the association property manager.

Who do I contact regarding illegal fireworks?

Illegal fireworks are a state-wide issue and very difficult to control. Please contact HPD if you have concerns regarding illegal fireworks. HPD has informed us that they may need to catch individuals “in the act” in order to take action.

If I own a single-family home, am I responsible for trees in the planting strip between the road and the sidewalk?

Most Owners of single family homes are required to maintain landscaping in planting strips between the sidewalks and “internal” roads; that is, roads that provide direct access within a community. For homes within a sub-association, the sub-association
will likely maintain the planting strips – check your community documents. Owners do not maintain planting strips along “backbone” roads, i.e. the primary roadways throughout Ho’opili that are not internal to any one community, even if the home abuts a backbone road. Maintenance of planting strips that is required by Owners includes (i) properly and regularly watering and trimming grass (and replanting as necessary); and (ii) properly and regularly watering Street Tree(s). Please note, however, that Owners should not trim, prune, treat, replant or replace any Street Tree.  If pruning, trimming, treatment, replanting or replacement of a Street Tree is necessary, Owner should inform the applicable sub-association, if one exists; or otherwise the Master Association.

Are tents and canopies allowed at community parks?

Yes. Tents and canopies must be weighted down with sandbags, weights, water barrels or stakes (no longer
than 10”). Tents and canopies may not exceed 10 ft x 10 ft.

Can I order porta potties to Ho’opili community parks?

No, unless you have written permission by the Ho’opili Community Association.

Are bouncy houses/inflatables allowed in community parks?

No, unless you have written permission by the Ho’opili Community Association.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my HOA fees?

Start right here: Contact Us (hmcmgt.com) and search for of your community to find out who your property manager is.

How do I make a reservation for the party room at the pool or other common area spaces?

You can find a step by step guide here: How to reserve space | HO‘OPILI (hoopilihoa.com)

When does the pool/party room close?

Everyone needs to leave the facility by 830PM.

Who do I need to contact for a design review (e.g. screen doors, plants and trees, fencing, solar etc.)?

Please contact the Design Review Team at Hawaiiana Management: Talea Robinson, talear@hmcmgt.com, 808-593-6360

Where can homeowners pick up their mailbox keys?

You should have received your mailbox keys at the same time you received your house keys. The Association does not carry mailbox keys.

Can we bring our own tables and chairs inside the pool area?

Outside chairs and tables are NOT allowed around the pool patio.

How many chairs/tables do we have in the Kuapo Party Room?

Approx. 12 tables & 75 chairs.

How many tables and chairs does Konane Park Pavilion have?

Approx. 6 tables & 48 chairs

Is alcohol/smoking allowed at the pool facility?

Alcohol and smoking are prohibited on all common area grounds.

How do I dispose of bulky trash items?

Bulky trash items should either be disposed by the homeowner directly at one of the City & County Waste Drop-off Locations (Overview of locations) or schedule a pick up HERE.